Saturday, August 5, 2017

My Autumn Mind

My mind is crystals and moss...
Full moonshine and stars.

I inhale the soft musk of night
And hear the crickets' call...

There is nothing sweeter than Nature
As She implores,

Seducing me closer,
To her ancient door...

How I long for September's golden tune,
One of crimson Autumn with her full Harvest Moon!

Promises of golds, and reds, all jeweled hues...
Ripe brown nuts and skies of October blue.

Oh, to wait is so painful to bear...
But the Seasons know it is their cross, now one I, too, share.

So smile at the sunflowers with their pearls of golden seed,
And just know that Autumn awaits in their stead.

© 2017 Nancy Duncan

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