Thursday, July 13, 2017

Green Witch's Report: Before Iceland

Before I fly out, I needed to tend to my gardens.  They're important to me, as they should be.  This time of the summer things are needing deadheading more often, and cutting back to encourage new growth.  The gardens are looking more stressed from the intense heat, and honestly, our ozone levels allow for the burning of their leaves, which makes them not as pretty.  In the long run, though, it doesn't hurt the plants, as their essential life force is in their roots which, by now, are fully developed (that is why I only water about one inch a week, even in this heat...their roots can hold the water longer now...and it preserves our precious water resources). Really, my don't need to water every day! :)

Here the Variegated Mondo Grass and Hostas are growing nicely in the Grandchildren's Garden...It's a simple little garden where we plant whatever inspires the children.  When I return, we will plant small white pumpkins...yay!

Out back the Rose Garden is suffering, but still relatively green.  Soon I will need to cut at an angle the iris leaves so the tubers can prepare for next spring. The Crepe Myrtles have lost their blooms for the most part...but the Butterfly Garden is thriving!

The Moon Garden is also suffering in the was so much prettier last year.  A mole got the White Gaura, and last winter's weeklong exceptionally cold temperatures killed the White Spanish Lavender.  Ah.  Gardening is always a challenge! It's never the same experience.  I like that.

In the front, I've cut back many of the herbs, leaving the large leaves of the Comfrey to shelter others.  Here I've harvested some Tansy Buttons, Sweet Basil, some kind of Thai Basil, and French fingers still smell sweet!  If a grasshopper has left some holes from his nibbling, no worries, as these herbs will be dried and used in sweet pillows, or dream pillows...

And I'd like to leave you with this happy photo of the Black-eyed Susans, which are taller this year than I've ever seen them!

Take some time this week to stroll in a garden.  It will rejuvenate your Soul.  When this little Green Witch returns from her faraway travels, she will have pictures from other lands...see you then...!!

© 2017 Nancy Duncan


  1. I love the garden tour! Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Thank you Vicki Jo! Just returned and will be posting soon!