Thursday, May 18, 2017

Undula, the Sea Witch!

Introducing the Bonnie White Hare's latest creation...Undula, the Sea Witch!

Her origin is the sea around the Shetland Islands, where she swims the cold, deep green waters under a Crone Crescent Moon, looking for sailors who have spoken well of the sea.  She can, after all, hear what they say, so sailors would be wise never to speak disparagingly of the sea (if they do, she could bewitch them and bring about their destruction!), and they should be sure to return their first catch of the day to placate her.  If they speak of the sea with sincere praise, she brings them a rope with three knots.  If the sea is becalmed, leaving their ship stranded, the sailors need only untie one knot to bring a gentle, southwesterly wind.  If they need yet more wind, they could untie the second knot for a stronger, north wind.  However, if the third knot is untied, it brings a tempest with great fury!  You see, the Sea Witch ties the wind in knots...that is her power!  Her rope here is actually an antique trot line that I found in an antique store some while ago.  :)

 We all know that witches spin, and so I've made my Sea Witch no different (see how she even sports the pointy witch's hat), except that she uses a spindle shell for her spindle, spinning seaweed into beautiful strands.

I have layered her body with hand cut dyed wools, all hand sewn with cotton thread.  Her flowing hair, and magickal tail are hand-dyed wool locks from a friend in central Sweden (thank you, Renee!!).  I've stitched little blue stars to accompany the yellow, cloud-strewn moon.

The background is a gorgeous hand dyed wool from Olympic Wool Works (thank you, Darlene!), while the backing is a charcoal-colored material, part wool and part rabbit fur.  It is stuffed loosely with fresh straw and is sewn together by my version of a herringbone stitch, with various hues of eggplant wool thread.

The Bonnie White Hare is all about "Where Imagination Weds the Past."  It was clearly the guiding mantra of this folk pillow!

© 2017 Nancy Duncan


  1. She's amazing! I love the colors and textures.

  2. Thank you, Michelle! Now I can focus on your piece....:)

  3. A beautiful sea friend she is....lovely colors. I need to get to the ocean again soon, miss it so very much.

  4. Me, too...I always seem to miss it so much as summertime approaches. It's actually the salt-and-peppery smell of the air and the sound of waves more than anything.