Saturday, May 6, 2017

My Face: The Bonnie White Hare Runs Through the Field!!

[For just a moment, a flash, she may escape her captors...!  Quick, look!  She may be gone in a trice!]

I look in the mirror.
And see my face...
But so much more...

The lines at the corners of my eyes
Reveal much laughter and happiness in my life.
Happiness for me...and more so for those I love and have loved.

My skin is not so supple...but doesn't an aged tree have bark with rivulets
Which speak nobly of its time spent on this earth?
My eyes are not as clear as in youth...but they have seen so much beauty
And deep sadness, too...though not as much as many have seen.

There is wisdom and joy in my countenance.
Reflecting the joy of teaching youth for decades
And helping them to find their gifts.

There is openness for all cultures and races,
As long as they harm no one.

There is love and concern for those who suffer.
They inspire me and make me stronger and more compassionate.
And there is even love for those that hold anger, making their hearts cold
And hardened to others and their tribulations.

My Lord says to love my enemies.
I trust in Him and His Word.

He says to forgive.
I can and will do that, knowing He is my Guide.

For I know that my face...and all the faces in this world...
Are the face of God.
If you seek to find that Truth, you will.

© 2017 Nancy Duncan

For my sweet followers and encouragers...I will do my best with what is happening here with the invasion of my precious privacy.  Writing is like prayer to me.

Dedicated to those who are hounding me...

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