Thursday, May 11, 2017

Finding Magic

You can find it in the Full May Moon, which gives off a mysterious pink-gold light...

It's in a tiny screech owl that lets me get close, she keeping one eye open...

It's turning wool fluff from a faraway friend into yarn!

What's more magical than these?

Today, it's creating a Sea Witch, swimming in cold green waters under a Crone Moon!
She can tie the wind in knots!
And, like all witches, she spins...using seaweed for her wool and a spindle shell for her spindle!

Woolen "Sea Witch," imagined but not yet completed...

© 2017 Nancy Duncan


  1. forgive me dear friend ~ just getting 'caught up' with all of the postings....I adore your sea witch ~ she is mysterious and magickal...are fin tail-fins needlefelted??

  2. They are hand dyed wool locks from a friend in Sweden. I will just be "tamping" them down with sewing thread. Currently adding a few periwinkle-colored stars, perhaps some wispy wool clouds floating over the Crescent Crone, and a few other details. I figured you'd like her! She has been fun to create...