Thursday, May 25, 2017

All Because of a Walk in the Garden...

A Garden...and all of Nature, for that matter, is my primary inspiration, especially for a "little witch stitchin'," to quote a favorite phrase of a friend of mine.  My design started with my sign, and grew from there (see previous post, "Green Witch's Report")!  The only thing not original is some of the lettering, which I got from one of The Primitive Hare's "freebies" and adapted to my idea,  adding twining red roses and candle flames, as well as other lettering, a gold-thread star next to a Maiden Crescent Moon.  The design of the entire piece came from my head (an interesting place to visit, btw).

I'd like to call it "Brooms for All Occasions," (kind of like "Blooms for All Occasions"), only in this particular garden, witches' brooms are grown...a broom for any witch, here for the pickin'!  Why, even brooms have their own distinct personalities!  Haven't you ever wondered where witches get their besoms?  I like to think they go to their local Green Witch to select their broom, which will then need a bit of personal pruning before they can fly.  :)

The materials I used are Gloriana silk, DMC cotton, and wool threads, the ground being 35-count Anne Boleyn from The Primitive Hare.  

For the backing, I stitched two felted wools with primitive "x" stitching.  I will embroider dandelions and dandelion puffs releasing their seeds on the wind.  I've always found them to be rather magickal.  Then I will stuff the tiny pillow (don't know yet what it will be...a door hanger?  A pin keep?) with the appropriate stuffing for its purpose.  It might be cute to hang on a broom!  A broom hanger!  THAT'S IT!!!!  (See why my head is a curious place to be?)

I'll come back another day to show the final pictures of this now-in-progress piece.  Until then, take a walk in the'll never go home empty-headed.  ;)

***Update:  I have completed the Broom Hanger.  As promised, I stitched dandelions on the wool backing...some of the seed heads are also floating on the front.  For the hanger, I used antique Victorian black lace (you know how witches love their black lace), and stuffed the piece with wood shavings from Notforgotten Farm which, btw, are hand-milled...not treated in any way...a totally "green" stuffing (a Green Witch wouldn't have it any other way!).  The front and back are stitched crudely with eggplant-hued wool thread, hopefully giving it that witchy look...:)

                                          A Besom Hanger...for the Discerning Witch!

© 2017 Nancy Duncan


  1. oh my stars & garters! LOVE this my talented friend ~ {and you, too!}

  2. I love reading about the components of this piece . . . which is hanging on my Besom now!!!! I love it so very much!

    1. I'm so glad! It was a fun trade...and I love my Forest/Woodland Crone Nature Spirit....!